vELVET powered by ProcessWire

vELVET login windowvELVET is our friendly, end-user focused, custom presentation of ProcessWire—a powerful open source CMF with an exceptionally strong foundation.

vELVET friendliness & CMF power

Basing vELVET on a CMF allows us to not only deliver a superb CMS but also to develop web apps; something way beyond the capability of many, if not all other open source CMSs.

Safety and quality

vELVET is based on ProcessWire for good reasons, other open source CMSs, lacking the simple and strong controls afforded vELVET, are invariably heavily dependant on multiple plugins and may:

  • suffer from relying on ineligant work-arounds
  • have compromised (not clean, semantic) output
  • be brittle when an extra function requires a new plugin that can't coexist with an existing plugin
  • not be easy to maintain (so costly) when some plugins are much more rapidly updated than others
  • be significantly more targeted for hacking if a plugin is extremely popular
  • be significantly less secure if a plugin is less strictly coded than it ought to be.

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