The Hahnemann Center for Heilkunst & Homeopathy wanted an easy-to-use app that would work across devices.

Truff-aid web app


Our long established client wanted to add a simple but valuable route into their world for newcomers.

Built on data

We took an array of data provided by our client and designed a UI that was intuitive and extensible, allowing our client to add more data over time without compromise.

Custom web app built with ProcessWire

We modelled the data in a custom ProcessWire web app, allowing us to build pages in ProcessWire and PHP from DRY data.

Responsive rather than native

We produced an original web app, designing from scratch the CSS needed to deliver a seamless expereince from desktop, to phone.

This allowed our client to provide their new offering efficiently and effectively across all devices types.


We chose the Noun Project as our main supplier for the nearly 100 icons used across the web app.

For efficient CSS authoring and reduced http requests we presented many of the resources via CSS image sprites such as this:

The Noun Project was used to source icons for an efficient image sprite

Original art

'Truff the dog' - original art designed by Clearly Convey Inc. for our clientWe also provided original art, including our artists interpretation of 'Truff' the dog.

Through CSS we were able to present 'Truff' in varying ways based on context, such as full size on the home page and shrunk on inner pages.


What we did
Identity designWe designed the key recognizable brand attributes.
Website buildWe designed and produced the CSS, HTML5, JavaScript and graphic resources needed to build this website.
CMF integrationWe built in vELVET™, our professional grade content management framework.
HostingWe provide hosting services.
OngoingWe provide ongoing enhancement and development.
SEOSearch Engine Optimization.

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