Tofino Surf School

I appreciate your excellent website.

Our client's client.

The best feedback—our client took the trouble to tell us how their client liked our work.

Re-built from scratch

We re-built the Tofino Surf School website from scratch.

Design decisions focused on fixing the broken things including poor readability and bringing the site up to date including making it mobile.

The main visual cues of the old site were improved but respected, allowing the feel of the original design to show through.

Before After

Automated style

We automated the presentation of photos, removing the need for any trips to Photoshop—our client adds unprocessed, normal images and our CSS nudge-rotates and styles them to match the established design of the site.

vELVET (our CMS) and its output side by side—our custom CSS styles images so they remain in-keeping with the site—no need for Photoshop.

Helpful in-editor style

In areas where structured data is needed, for example the components of a testimonial, we designed custom in-editor styles that automatically label themselves, for example ←Stars-testimonial.

Custom in-editor styles Public facing result

Our client can easily distinguish and enter data and the public facing result is a well formed and presented set of testimonials.

Semantic markup

As with all our work, semantic markup was used throughout, making copy more readable for humans using screen readers and more easily interpreted by Google.

Structured data was also employed with, for example, contact information marked up in accordance with the standards set out at


A mobile view was developed as an integral part of the redevelopment of the Tofino Surf School site.

Tofino Surf School website - mobile view

As usual, we took great care to ensure the mobile view was as carefully designed as the desktop, with components re-designed for mobile specific use where necessary.


Our client was so happy with this new website project we delivered in 2014 that they chose us again when they decided to refresh their design in 2017.



[client]: I just received an email from a customer who complimented me on the website!

What we did
Website buildWe designed and produced the CSS, HTML5, JavaScript and graphic resources needed to build this website.
CMF integrationWe built in vELVET™, our professional grade content management framework.
HostingWe provide hosting services.
OngoingWe provide ongoing enhancement and development.
Content creationWe provided original content creation services.
SEOSearch Engine Optimization.

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