Tofino Surf School-refresh

I really like the new site!
It is crisp clean and easy to navigate!

Tofino Surf School refreshed home page


Our client was very happy with the new website project we delivered in 2014. Thier business flourished and in 2017 they choose Clearly Convey again when they wanted to refresh.

Completely new front-end on good foundations

Working with ideas our client put forward, we designed and delivered a completey new front-end. However to avoid waste we retained the semantically healthy data within content management system and re-used it by making minor adjustments to suit the needs of the new front-end.

This allowed us to quickly deliver a cost-effective, attractive re-design.

Custom built

Many new items of content were created to deliver the new design.

The booking experience was completely re-thought and delivered via a custom-built modal making booking simpler and easier across all device types.

Completely re-designed booking presented via custom modal



I really like the new site! It is crisp clean and easy to navigate!

What we did
Identity designWe designed the key recognizable brand attributes.
Website buildWe designed and produced the CSS, HTML5, JavaScript and graphic resources needed to build this website.
CMF integrationWe built in vELVET™, our professional grade content management framework.
HostingWe provide hosting services.
OngoingWe provide ongoing enhancement and development.
Content creationWe provided original content creation services.
SEOSearch Engine Optimization.

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