Hahnemann Center

When we began working with our client their static website was made from over 2,000 files—we tamed it.

Great migration

Our client, who registered their domain nearly 20 years ago and has been working in alternative health for much longer, approached us with a static website made from over 2,000 files.

Initially we maintained this static site but then began the work of turning a new design, provided by their in-house graphic designer, into a manageable website powered by PHP and built to web standards.

We built a custom engine for the site with the highly respected Textpattern, designed the CSS needed to deliver the new design and migrated all the content, cleaned of its in-line styles, producing a modern and maintainable site.

Don't repeat yourself (DRY)

We also took the opportunity of re-building this site from scratch to abstract as much repeated data out to single reference stores for re-use across the site as possible, making maintenance quicker and less open to error.



Alan really is doing an exceptional job with all our sites.

Worked with client since
SinceWe first worked with Hahnemann Center in 2007.
What we did
Website buildWe designed and produced the CSS, HTML5, JavaScript and graphic resources needed to build this website.
CMF integrationWe built in vELVET™, our professional grade content management framework.
HostingWe provide hosting services.
OngoingWe provide ongoing enhancement and development.
Content creationWe provided original content creation services.
SEOSearch Engine Optimization.
Member managementMember management system.

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