Great Tangley Manor

We first hooked up with Great Tangley Manor when Alan was working with Kyan, and with Kyan's blessing we took over the development of the Great Tangley Manor site in 2007.

Since then we've been developing features and enhancements that remain faithful to the original design aesthetic.

Great Tangley Manor - organic SEO work

Content management framework

Great Tangley Manor wanted to be able to edit their own copy and image galleries.

We implemented a CMS and dedicated image gallery CMS, providing a powerful and simple way for Great Tangley Manor to keep their content relevant.

CMS & sympathetic design enhancements

Over time our client's content needs outgrew the beautiful and original design we had inherited from our friends at Kyan and so working closely with Great Tangley Manor we designed and implemented new, in-keeping components for many new content areas. This allowed Great Tangley Manor to keep their site relevant while retaining the values of the original design.

As well as the usual components, our CMS implementation for Great Tangley Manor included custom features such as the ability to add 'special offers'.

Examples of new, in-keeping design work: 'Special offers' custom CMS feature, Contact panel and House age panel.

Improving 3D tour

Great Tangley Manor came to us with an interesting problem, they had commissioned a Google 3D tour but people were getting lost—like loosing orientation on Google street view.

We designed a simple, intuitive and effective 'navigator' for the 3D tour based on an aerial view of the house and grounds.

The navigator

These four bullet points and tabs show how our 3D tour navigator solved the problem.

  • Initial tab: an image—an aerial view of the estate, above the 3D tour, encourages visitors to click (the 3D tour can be seen at its start point, outside, by the moat).
  • Clicked tab: when clicked an overlay is added with areas of interest outlined in green (bedrooms), blue (bathrooms), etc.
  • Hovered tab: When an area of interest is hovered over, a thumbnail of that place, taken from the 3D tour, appears; in this case the Arts and Crafts Library.
  • 3D tour chosen spot tab: When a hovered area of interest is clicked the page smooth-scrolls to the 3D tour which fast-forwards to the clicked area.
Initial Clicked Hovered 3D tour chosen spot

More content style

Some other examples of our design and implementation.

Since taking over the development of the GTM site we have designed the presentation of 'Testimonials', 'FAQs' and the presentation of excerpts of these on the home page.

Testimonials FAQs Home page excerpts


Great Tangley Manor is a highly successful and efficient business and saw the opportunity to tell people more about their manor but didn't have the time to make it so.

We were happy to help and researched and authored a whole new section of content on their website as part of our content services.


Thanks for the great work. Exactly what I had in mind. Remind me never to play poker with you!!

Worked with client since
SinceWe first worked with Great Tangley Manor in 2007.
What we did
Website buildWe designed and produced the CSS, HTML5, JavaScript and graphic resources needed to build this website.
CMF integrationWe built in vELVET™, our professional grade content management framework.
HostingWe provide hosting services.
OngoingWe provide ongoing enhancement and development.
Content creationWe provided original content creation services.
SEOSearch Engine Optimization.

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