We were delighted when a former colleague approach us to help design the identity for their organization.

Codelegend logo

Logo and identity

I am always delighted when good working relationships expand to be friendships and so it was great to work with Steve Waite of Codelegend on, initially, the logo for his company and later one of their cornerstone products.

Ideal Flight—identity design

Codelegend - Ideal Flight artwork

An important product for Codelegend, Ideal Flight, a flight sim addon, has proved to be a powerfully popular product.

I've installed many utility programs for the flight simulators that I've owned over the years that create flights, flight plans, missions, weather generation & custom traffic and perform flight monitoring. Ideal Flight is the best one that I've ever installed. It's a complete package.

It was great discovering reviews like this some months after our involvement designing the identifying image for Ideal Flight.

Help system

We also built a little self contained help site for Codelegend's Ideal Flight addon which Codelegend has gone on to expand upon.


Domain’s fantastic!

Worked with client since
SinceWe first worked with Codelegend in 2009.
What we did
Identity designWe designed the key recognizable brand attributes.

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