Looking for fluffDESIGN Inc.? You're in the right place, read on…

Clearly Convey Inc.

Clearly Convey Inc. is an individual web design studio based in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada.

We’re focused on the design, production and maintenance of easy-to-use, high quality, attractive and web standards compliant websites.

Changing clothes

We used to be called fluffDESIGN but we decided to change name because ‘Clearly Convey’ better reflected what we do.

Our name change is complete. Nothing else changed and we’re still Canadian Corporation No. 688702–3 :)


Will this materially affect how we do business?
Will your email address change?
Yes, it's already happened and our new email address is alan@clearlyconvey.ca so please update your records, thanks (if you happen to email alan@fluffdesign.com it will automatically be redirected to our new address).
Will you close the fluffdesign.com website?
Yes, soon anyone visiting fluffdesign.com will be automatically sent to clearlyconvey.ca.
Does this affect how I pay you or how you invoice me?
Payments should now be made out to Clearly Convey Inc. although for a comfortable while we will still be able to accept payments to fluffDESIGN Inc..
Our invoices now carry our new name (but only the name has changed, not the entity producing the invoice which remains Canadian Corporation No. 688702–3).
I have some unanswered questions
Please get in touch and we will be happy to answer any questions you may have.


Alan BristowAlan Bristow is both a web designer and the founder of Clearly Convey Inc., you can email him at alan@clearlyconvey.ca.