Colophon is handmade by me, Alan Bristow, and I had some help…

Client-side & design


Google Inc. and font designers for the great resource, Google Fonts ^_^

Font Awesome for your great resource.

Noun Project and the following designers:

  • Edward Boatman for Map Marker
  • Dirk Rowe for Badge
  • Norbert Kucsera for Settings
  • Chamaquito pan de dulce for Hand
  • Dan Hetteix for Nanotechnology
  • Julia Stoffer for Stopwatch
  • Björn Andersson for Edit
  • Lukasz M. Pogoda for Blocks
  • Michele Zamparo for Plant
  • Calvin Goodman for Create
  • Mister Pixel for Quote
  • Claudiu Antohi for Translation.

Thanks also to

A stylish thanks to Miriam Eric Suzanne for Susy—Susy is the double rainbows of layout.


Great thanks to Ryan Cramer and all the talented, interesting, generous and patient people who make up ProcessWire—a great CMF and community.

And finally, thanks to...

everyone below either for technologies upon which this site relies or for their wisdom and good influences over the years:

Jeffrey Zeldman, Dan Cederholm, Eric Meyer, Paul Lloyd, Tim Van Damme, Ryan Cramer (and ProcessWire friends), Dave Shea, Dean Allen (and Textpattern friends), the Web Standards Project, the Word Wide Web Consortium and many others I've absentmindedly failed to enumerate.

^_^ thank you!

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